Cuisine  from the Balkan Peninsula 

Meet The Chef

My name is Elena Smileva, a self-taught chef, world traveller,  and food lover. I love cooking. Being from the Balkans, food has always been central part of my life and culture. For me food evokes memories of childhood, family, friends, celebrations, love, happiness and joy. Waking up every day with the thought of eating something that will make you smile is one step closer to good life. To me food never gets boring. 


The Lacy Nook is a labour of love. It started 3 years ago as a  restaurant in Stoke Newington. Our goal was to serve tasty dishes with unique flavours; plates full of personality and distinctive tastes predominantly from the Balkan region. As we mainly cook with herbs in the Balkans, we fused our flavours with Middle Eastern spices and condiments, and brought an original flavour to the London palate. 


After 3 years of good times, rough times, challenging life decisions, we closed our doors in February 2019. But the desire to cook and feed hasn't ceased yet. I decided to shift in reverse. You can now find us doing street food, private catering and my favourite super clubs/popus. I still get to cook every day, but I can also find time to reflect upon myself and enjoy life. 

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Street Food

Balkan street food dishes prepared with fresh,

seasonal ingredients


Table PopUp

Join us for a Big Balkan Feast; Get to taste the whole menu.


Let us know what you have in mind and what your heart desires


We are BACK from 4th July!
Smoked BBQ, 

Beef Cevapi, Aubergine, Charred Halloumi &

Fresh Salads


Every Sat & Sun

Anchor & Hope, Clapton, Hackney

from 1.00pm

*weather permitting


"Delicious food and interesting dishes,

beautifully presented.

Can never get enough of the amazing food."

"You can tell a lot of thought went into the ingredients

and way to prepare each dish. The prices reflect

the quality of the food and the food itself is scrumptious."

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Tel: +44(0)7948329813  |  Email: